Upgrade to Pickup Service during any On-Site appointment.

Pickup service is a FREE upgrade to any On-Site service call within the 1st 30 minutes!
We know it doesn't always make sense to pay a tech while your computer does busy work like virus scans, data backup/recovery and disc cleans. If you will benefit from it, we are happy to take your PC back to our offices and continue to fix/support your PC as long as it takes for a flat fee of $200.

The best part is that when your PC is done, we bring it back, we set it up, we test it and show you that it is fixed at no additional charge!

Our Guarantee is always in effect.

Thats right. We don't collect any payment information until your computer is fixed. If we can't fix it then there is no charge. Your PC still comes back to your home or office and gets set up if that is your decision. This guarantees that you are a satisfied customer before we collect payment.