On-Site Support Pricing
$120.00 per hour

Our basic rate for sending a tech to your home or office is $120 per hour. There is a one hour minimum.

You will find this rate is cheaper than the big-box stores' nerdherd squad rate for bringing the pc to them. Even still, we know that the rate can add up quickly. So we offer the PICKUP UPGRADE to all of our on-site service calls.

Upgrade to Pickup Service within the 1st 30 minutes and pay NO Hourly charges!

We know it doesn't always make sense to pay a tech while your computer does busy work like virus scans, data backup/recovery and disc cleans. If you will benefit from it, we are happy to take your PC back to our offices and continue to fix/support your PC as long as it takes for a flat fee of $200.

The best part is that when your PC is done, we bring it back, we set it up, we test it and show you that it is fixed at no additional charge!

Our Simple Pricing

Computer Repair Rates and Virus Removal Prices

We offer simple PC repair rates at Sharp as a Tech, LLC. We do not pressure you into signing up for a monthly service like our competitors. We only offer a per incident charge which means you only pay once and there is no recurring service fee every month on your credit card. There is no upselling by pushy technicians to persuade you to buy software that you don't need. Check out this video about our competition. At Sharp as a Tech, LLC we will always give you our best advice even if it means losing a sale. There are many times when customers call and ask us to speed up their computer and after our initial analysis we will tell them that they should invest their money in buying additional RAM or a new computer instead of spending it on a tune-up that will not give them the results they are looking for.

Remote PC Repair Prices

Our PC repair prices are simple. The most important thing to remember is that if you give us a call and tell us your computer problem, and we can't fix it then we don't charge you anything. We always tell you how much it will cost you to fix your problem before we start any work. We will not change our price half way through the work even if we take longer than expected. All our prices are one time fees with no unnecessary monthly subscriptions. Here are the advantages:

  • All our prices are flat rates
  • We always quote the price before starting
  • No payment until repair is complete
  • No complex sign up forms
  • If we can't fix it there is no charge
  • All our technicians are local

Our Online Computer Repair Rates


This is our basic service rate. This is for any 30 minute call where we fix your PC problem, like get rid of a Windows error message, help you with email problems or any other basic instruction for your computer. As long as the call is under 30 minutes, you pay a flat rate of $44.95. We will always tell you how much we will charge you before starting any work so there are no surprises.


This is our charge for any call between 30 and 90 minutes. A majority of our calls fall into this category. Typically this is what we charge to address crashes, fix printer problems and driver issues. Again, we will always tell you at the beginning of our call how long it will take to fix the problem and how much it costs before beginning any work.

This is also the per PC rate for a complete PC Tune-Up. A great value for 2+ hours of remote service. But we offer an even better deal on PC Tune-Ups Self-Schedule program. Check it out to see how you can get this great service with more than 50% OFF!


This is our charge for any call that exceeds 90 minutes with no maximums! Typically this is what we charge for customers that need virus or spyware removal or any other service that requires extensive manual repair and deep scanning for worms, trojans and malware. There is no max so we will stay with you until we fix your computer problem.