Remote Repair & Online PC Support
  • Live LOCAL PC Support Technicians Take Your Call
  • Trojan and Virus Removal Services
  • We Fix Your Computer Remotely Over the Internet
  • Self Service Technical Support Any Time of Day
  • No Up front Payment Collected
  • No Monthly Fees or Startup Costs
  • No Charge if we Can't Fix Your Problem
  • No Need to Pack up Your PC and Take it to Store
  • Almost no need to have Someone Come to Your Home
  • No Commitments and Nothing to Lose
  • Call Us Now to Get Started 603-326-6178

Let us Help You Remotely

Our live tech support experts have years of experience dealing with general technical issues and can help you right now. Today's technology allows us to remote control your machine over the Internet and troubleshoot and diagnose your somputer issues.

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When you need live tech support and can't figure out the problem on your own, give us a call at 603-326-6178 and our online PC support specialists will fix your problem remotely. We offer remote PC repair and remote computer repair over the Internet with items ranging from:

  • Virus, Spyware, and Trojan Clean up
  • Sluggish Performance or Slow Internet (See how our Maintenance Night can help with this!)
  • Backing Up your Files to transfer to a new PC
  • Software errors or Computer Tune Up
  • Removing Errors on Bootup
  • Consolidating email Accounts
  • Backing up your computer for disaster recovery
  • Setting up Microsoft Updating to maintain your PC
  • Helping you install and update your antivirus software
  • Call Us Now to Get Started 603-326-6178

The above list are just a few of the items we can perform remotely on your computer. Since we have years of experience no question is too difficult. Best of all if we don't know the answer you have nothing to lose and we will not charge you anything.

Trojan Virus Removal Services

Hands down our most popular phone calls are about computer trojans and viruses. Today virus authors are releasing malware at an alarming rate. Anti-virus companies like McAfee and Symantec are detecting 5000 new viruses per day. This means it's getting harder for the anti-virus vendors to keep up with all the new detections and ultimately means they cannot stop all the viruses that come out on a daily basis. This leads to users getting infected even if they have up-to-date anti-virus protection. Since your current anti-virus product can't always help you, manual intervention is required by our live technical experts. Here are some common symptoms of infection:

  • Strange Messages from Windows
  • Anti-Virus Software is disabled or inactive
  • Very slow computer when performing common tasks
  • Redirection to fake websites when working
  • Random reboots while working on your PC
  • Very slow Internet access while browsing
  • Pop up windows telling you to pay money to fix your PC
  • Pop up windows trying to sell you software or services
  • Degrading performance as time goes on
  • Call Us Now to Get Started 603-326-6178

Why Choose Sharp as a Tech for Your PC Problems?

Well there are a few reasons. First and foremost is our level of live technical support. We strive to make sure you are satisfied as a customer and second, we do it at an affordable price. Please look at our competitors and you can decide for yourself why you should choose Sharp as a Tech as your one stop shop for all your online computer repair needs. Finally all our technical experts are located in New England. so you can rest assured, that your call is handled locally.

We Offer Instant Computer Repair

Call us at 603-326-6178 and we instantly start solving your problem by connecting remotely to your computer. Watch our video to see how we do it. Today's technology allows us to solve technical problems without being physically in front of your computer. We solve approximately 95% of problems that come into Sharp as a Tech right over the Internet. You don't have to pack up your computer, get in your car, drop it off and wait for weeks for it to get fixed. If we can't solve your problem then there is no charge and you have nothing to lose.

Our Rates are Affordable

At Sharp as a Tech we like to keep our rates simple. No monthly fees for services you may never use like our competitors tend to charge. No startup fees and no upselling! We will not try to sell you any additional software like anti-virus where we can make more profit like our competitors. We have nothing additional to sell, just great service.

Our Technicians are in New England

While saving money is important, we know that keeping our customers happy is even more important. That's why our PC support specialists are based strictly in New England. Keeping our technicians LOCAL allows us to make sure we can always offer the highest level of service.

No Up Front Payment Collected

Thats right. We don't collect any payment information until your computer is fixed. If we can't fix it then there is no charge. This guaruntees that you are a satisfied customer before we collect payment.