Our Guarantee
If we can't fix your problem, we don't charge you anything. You have nothing to lose. Our expert technicians are some of the best in the industry. Our success rate is exceptional at 94% but of course there are some PC problems that just can't be fixed remotely over the Internet. In rare cases, we have worked on a problem for hours with no resolution and in this case we simply admit that we will not be able to help you and recommend some alternatives. No credit card is collected in this case and you are not charged anything for the call, the online chat, the connection or the time.
Virus Removals

Virus Removal Information: Required to be read by all clients asking for virus removals

  • We offer a 30 day guarantee on our removals.
  • If within 30 days you see a virus return, please call us immediately.
  • If you see a new infection after 30 days, please call us immediately and we will not charge a full $99, but we will have a charge of $49 to continue to remove the latest virus.
  • Software destroyed by a virus is not repairable under the $99 virus removal fee. Any software in need of repair will be billed at our normal rates.
  • Some Viruses delete and/or corrupt files and are sometimes beyond repair.
  • There is no guarantee or warranty that a virus will never get through any product either purchased by Sharp as a Tech or any other brand you buy online or off the shelf.

Reminders about your products purchased with Sharp as a Tech

  • Please do the updates when they ask you to do an update. If you need assistance updating to a newer version we can help you for free.
  • Please make sure that you see the little yellow lady bug (SuperAntiSpyware) or the red M (Malware bytes) in the right hand corner of your screen by the clock. Be sure they are there, that means you are protected.
  • Microsoft Security Essentials is not a purchased product but a free product that Microsoft puts out.
  • We do not do any free support on free products. If you are having issues with your virus scanner, we recommend you speak to the vendor or remove the program and get another free or paid Antivirus program.

Notes about viruses!

  • How viruses and our products work
    • Viruses are released on a daily basis. Like all products ours do not get the latest definitions of the newest virus sometime up to a week later.
    • You may have a window of time that a virus can get in your computer.
    • We cannot control how fast the products do their updates.