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22 point PC Tune-Up - What Is It?

We are so excited to offer this product to our consumer clients. Our parent company, KLI-SOLUTIONS has offered complete PC Tune-Ups to corporate clients for years at serious discounts by grouping entire offices into a single night and one or two techs can perform maintenance on the computers all at the same time. Its like group rates for offices.

Now, you can benefit from the same savings opportunity! You do not need multiple computers to enjoy the benefits.

$49.95 is the flat fee for a scheduled Tune-Up. A $50.00 savings over a service call, 22 point PC Tune-Up. There are no hidden charges.

All you have to do is schedule a remote session on our self scheduling calendar. Once you do, you just be availabe and have your computer on during the scheduled appointment time. Our tech will call you and make the temporary connection to your computer. We will perform a complete PC Tune-Up Maintenance while you watch (or not, its up to you). It typically takes 2-5 hours. During that time, we do the following and more!

  • Check Desktop and Start Menu Shortcuts
  • Remove unnecessary startup entries
  • Time Zone Check
  • Internet Time Sync
  • Optimize Internet Performance
  • Delete Temp Files, temporary internet files, cookies, and history on all user accounts, and in %windir%\temp
  • Empty Recycle Bin
  • Clean unneeded and/or unwanted registry items
  • Defragment the system hard drive
  • Optimize network interfaces
  • Check and install system updates and patches
  • Malware scan
  • Remove Unneeded/unwanted startup items
  • Check System Event Logs for any problems